Foam filters for MX were developed out of necessity in the Netherlands.  The soil conditions there are among the most challenging in the world for air filters to contend with.  Motocross in Holland is seriously hardcore, riders need and demand the best to be competitive. 


We are pleased to present for the first time in North America: Moto Air foam air filters.  Born of passion and battle tested in the harsh environments of Holland.  Moto Air offers a complete line of filters, filter oils and cleaning products. 

Moto Air Products


Moto Air Foam Filters

Moto Air filters have two different foam layers, the white outer layer is a coarser foam to pre filter the air and remove larger debris.  The inner blue layer is a tighter foam to remove fine particles.

  • Are cleanable and re-usable

  • Offer full-depth filtration

  • Improve airflow characteristics

  • Helps extend engine life

  • Minimized seams for maximum airflow

  • Top quality adhesive used in seams


Moto Air Filter Fluid

Simply the best foam filter oil available! Many filter oils have a tendency to drain to one side of the filter, leaving part of your filter unprotected. Moto Air Filter Fluid is specially formulated to go on as a liquid for easy filter penetration. Solvents in the oil dissipate quickly, leaving an incredibly tacky, dirt gathering oil on your filter for superior protection.  Also available in convenient spray can.


Moto Air Cleaning Fluid

Our Liquid Dirt Remover is formulated to quickly cut through filter oil and loosen dirt from your filter. It will not harden or damage filter foam like solvents and gasoline do.


Silicone Clean

Specially formulated cleaner makes your bike shine like new and prevents dirt from sticking to plastics making cleaning easier after your next ride.



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