Halogen H4

NAO Led H4

Low beam light output comparison.

Features and Benefits:


NAO Led headlight replacement bulbs are an inexpensive, easy to install upgrade for motorcycles.


SEE BETTER:  As you can clearly see NAO LED's increase your nighttime visibility exponentially.  NAO LED's produce as much as three times more light than a 55/60 watt halogen bulb.  The H4 LED replacement puts out 3000 lumen vs 900 lumen from a halogen H4 bulb.  The NAO LED bulb produces a much wider and longer field of vision and causes road signs and in road reflectors to blaze at night. 


BE SEEN BETTER:  All NAO LED's feature ultra bright 6000K white light that make your bike more visible to other drivers, even in bright sunshine.  With all modern vehicles running lights at all times give yourself a way of standing out from the masses.  The ultra white light also gives your ride an awesome modern look.


EASE OF INSTALLATION:  NAO LED's are as simple to install as a light bulb, there is no bulky ballast to fit in or wiring modifications needed.  They simply fit into the existing light socket and plug directly into the existing connector and your ready to go.  Check our Installation page to get step by step instructions. 


LOWER POWER CONSUMPTION:  NAO LED headlights use significantly less power than halogen bulbs.  A halogen H4 uses 55W on low beam and 60W on high beam while the NAO replacement uses 22W on low beam and 32W on high beam. 







This is a head on comparison of a halogen H4 bulb (left) and the NAO Led H4 bulb (right).  You can see the dramatic colour difference in the two bulbs as well as how much more the NAO Led floods the reflective lens.

Selling Suggestions:


Led Headlights are a new product to Motorcycle riders, we suggest that you display them prominently on your counter with signage to bring attention to them.  Many dealers have done this, but the top sellers have also installed these lights in their own bike so when a customer asks them about them they can say "I have them in my bike and they are awesome...". 


Most important, don't wait for someone to ask for a new bulb because theirs burnt out, to be successful with this product you need to sell it as an upgrade.  Just like an exhaust or a performance air filter many people will replace their existing working product to get the new and improved model.


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