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Gulf Oil: A Brief History


Gulf Oil is an iconic brand, started in Pittsburgh, PA in 1901, it has been known for lubricants of the highest quality ever since. Gulf wasn't available in Canada for many years following a merger in the USA.


Gulf Oil International continued unabated in Europe and today is headquartered in London, UK.  It operates in many countries around the world and we are pleased to offer their world class powersports products here in Canada.




Gulf Oil: Selling the best quality for less

Freight costs have a major impact on the cost of oil in the power sports industry in Canada.  Gulf is using local distributors to deliver products to dealers instead of a central warehouse and expensive courier shipping.  By significantly reducing the cost of getting oil to the dealership we are able to keep retail prices lower than our competition.





Gulf Products


Gulf Syntrac Superbike Oil - 10W50 - Full Synthetic

Developed directly from the Milwaukee/Gulf World Superbike team, quite simply our highest performance oil


Gulf Syntrac Oil - 5W40 and 10W40 - Full Synthetic

A high performance full synthetic oil suitable for the everyday rider or those pushing the limits


Gulf Power Trac Oil - 10W40 - Semi Synthetic

A blend of high performance Synthetic and Mineral oils for top level performance at a wallet friendly price


Gulf Pride Oil - 10W40 and 20W50 - Fully Mineral oil

A high quality Fully Mineral oil for everyday use and 20W50 for all V twin engines


All Gulf motorcycle oils meet applicable API and JASO standards





In January of 2016, Gulf Oil International made history again with their first foray into the prestigious World Superbike Series.  They have begun a 3 year technical partnership with the Milwaukee Aprillia team.  The team will compete using Gulf products.

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