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Gulf Superbike Announcement

In 2017 the Milwaukee/Gulf World Superbike team will be the official factory team for Aprillia. Aprillia did not have a factory team in 2016 but won 3 Rider and four Manufacturers titles from 2010-2014.

The team will feature riders, Lorenzo Savadori and Eugene Laverty, who both have prior success in the SBK series on the Aprillia RSV4 model they'll be riding in 2017.

More team information is available at www.milwaukeeaprilia.com

and www.aprilia.com

Gulf Oil International "are very excited by the prospect of moving forwards with them as team sponsor and official lubricant partners”

Below is a 2016 price comparison of synthetic Motorcycle Oils vs. synthetic Turbine Oils (used in 747 and other jet engines).  Please read the column "How Gulf sells the best quality oils for less" to find out why other Motorcycle oils in Canada are overpriced.

Motorcycle Oil:

Motorcycle Brand B 1L $27.99

Motorcycle Brand M 1L $27.99

Gulf Syntrac 4T 1L $18.99

Turbine Oil:

2380 Jet Oil 1L $24.50

Jet II Oil 1L $20.65

Gulf M/C Oil Products

Four Stroke

Gulf Syntrac 4T - Full synthetic motorcycle oil of the highest quality for the ultimate in protection and performance.  Meets API SL and JASO MA2


Gulf Powertrac 4T - Semi-synthetic motorcycle oil with more synthetic content than its competitors.  An excellent balance of performance and value. Meets API SG JASO MA


Gulf Pride 4T - Mineral based motorcycle oil great for everyday performance.  Meets API SG, JASO MA



Two Stroke

Gulf Syntrac 2T - Full synthetic, low smoke - high performance two stroke oil. Premix or injection.


Gulf Pride+ 2T - Semi Synthetic, low smoke two stroke oil for exceptional engine protection.  Premix or injection.


Gulf Oil - A brief recap of a long history


Gulf Oil was started in 1901 in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, it is considered one of the original 5 oil companies in the world.  The iconic Gulf logo hasn't been seen in Canada since the 1980's due to a merger but has continued on unabated around the world.  Gulf Lubricants are available in over 100 countires, and are now back in Canada.  Learn more here

*Pricing comparison source information.  Motorcycle Brand B and M based on published MSRP, March 2016

Turbine oil source: Aircraft Spruce and Specialty Canada, March 2016

Gulf  Dealer Locator

Cycle World Superstore - Scarboro

4545 Sheppard Ave E

BSC Moto - Toronto

24 Scarlett Road

Cyclewerx - Toronto

1660 Bloor Street W.

Cycle Source - Brampton

22A Strathearn Ave

KMM Powersports - Mississauga

1020 Meyerside Dr

Bartz Moto - Mississauga

3413 Wolfedale Rd, Unit 12

West End Cycle - Caledon Village

3023 Charleston Side Rd

Just Ride Motorsports - Bolton

4 Holland Drive

V Twin Cycle - Niagara Falls

6724 Morrison St

Eagles Nest - Niagara Falls

4728 Valley Way

Zdeno Cycle - Kitchener

1495 Victoria St. N

Bulldog Powersports - Cambridge

1-1177 Franklin Blvd

Two Wheel Motorsports - Guelph

5624 Hwy 6

Cycle One - Woodstock

127 Ingersoll Rd



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How Gulf sells the best for less


Oil is an expensive product to ship because of its size and weight. Our competitors oils are stored in central warehouses and shipped to dealers across the country by expensive courier shipping.  This cost of shipping is incorporated into the price you pay. 


Gulf uses local distribution to deliver its products to dealers instead of expensive courier shipping. Gulf is passing along the freight cost savings and keeping the cost of our world class oils as competitive as possible.   


This is how we can sell our Full Synthetic for less than the cost of their Semi and our semi for less than their mineral oil.  We're proud to say, with Gulf you get more than you pay for.

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